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WWE RAW 03/04/2019 Preview

Here are some of the events that can happen in the coming WWE RAW 03/04/2019.

Animalistic Aggression

Batista has continuously trying to goad Triple H into the physical confrontation on the SmackDown 1000 last year. He did it one more time this past Monday by crashing the Ric Flair’s 70th birthday. He there attacked the “The Nature Boy” in the locker room and dragging him (Triple H’s mentor) out into the arena hallway.

The Cerebral Assassin did rush to the backstage to confront the animal, but Batista had already left the scene. The game is not known for letting the transgressions slide, so let’s see how he is going to deal with the action from his former friend on the RAW?

Status of Women’s Championship

Not only in the men’s arena there is an escalation in the situation among the women’s division as well. After the arrest of the Becky Lynch for the violation of the suspension this past Monday night. Ronda Rousey has urged Stephanie to allow the Man to challenge for the title of the WrestleMania.

But the Chief brand Officer has reiterated that lynch will not be able to compete at the Show of Shows. And the Baddest Woman on the planet will try to defend her title against SmackDown LIVE’s Charlotte Flair as scheduled.

After the refusal of the McMahon family to budge on the situation of the Lynch, Rousey laid the title there only in front of the Stephanie and left. This has left the people to wonder whether Rousey will carry the championship to the WrestleMania at all.

Shield Reunion on the Horizon or not?

After the reveal to the WWE Universe that his leukemia is in the remission, Roman Reigns joined Seth Rollins to help Dean Ambrose. This act of salvation has confused the Lunatic Fringe as much as it has confused the universe of WWE.

Were Rollins and Reigns were hinting that they are ready to forgive the Ambrose let’s watch in the coming edition.

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