WWE SmackDown 02/05/2019

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WWE SmackDown 02/05/2019 Preview:

As you have seen in the previous week, Very astonishingly R-Truth shocked the whole world when he not only thrash Shinsuke Nakamura for the US Title but also effectively protect it against Rusev soon after. After losing to the new US Champion, Rusev and Nakamura established an alliance and beat up Truth. Backstage, the Good Brothers disallow of the actions of the new allies and challenged them to a tag team match this week. With the six-man Elimination Chamber match put to take place two weeks, four of the six competitors will fight against each other is separate singles competition. The top preview of this match are as follows:

  • Can Nakamura & Rusev takes on The Good Brothers?
  • Mustafa Ali and Randy Orton conflict with Elimination Chamber Match in sight
  • Jeff Hardy looks to gain crucial Elimination Chamber momentum against “The New” Daniel Bryan
  • Elimination Chamber momentum against “The New” Daniel Bryan
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